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Olympic Advanced Pack 2

Olympic Advanced Pack 2

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1. Olympic Barbell

Our Olympic Barbell is equipped with bearings which provide a smooth and balanced lift throughout all exercises. They also have olympic knurling for effectively griping the barbell when executing exercises. The weight capacity of the barbell is 1000 lbs.

2. Olympic Bumper Plates

Olympic Rubber Coated Bumper Plates: 2x10 lbs, 2x15 lbs, 2x25 lbs, 2x35 lbs and 2x45 lbs. 

3. Premium Squat Rack

The Premium Squat Rack is made of high quality 2" by 2" steel tubing which is made to be durable, scratch resistant and long lasting. It is fully adjustable in height for every workout scenario. The J-hooks and safety catches have been tested and have a weight capacity of 860lbs. It is also adjustable in width if you would like it slim to use the dip bars in the back. In addition there are two weight plate storage areas which are 17cm in length so you can store away the plates you are not using at the time.

4. Barbell Cushion

The Barbell Cushion gives you a comfortable placement on your traps to effectively execute squats. It can also be used as a bench press cushion when bringing the bar down to your chest. There are 4 colors to choose from : Red, Blue, Black and Pink.

5. Barbell Quick Release Clamps

The Barbell Quick Release Clamps come in 4 different colors: Red, Blue, Black and Pink.


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