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Landmine Cage Attachment

Landmine Cage Attachment

Regular price $79.99 CAD
Regular price $119.99 CAD Sale price $79.99 CAD
Regular price $79.99 CAD
Regular price $119.99 CAD Sale price $79.99 CAD
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Add a new dimension to your workouts with our landmine cage attachment for 1" and 2" barbells.


  • Fits 1" and 2" barbells with 2” posts
  • Secure cage design keeps barbell stable during exercises
  • Made from durable and robust steel
  • Encloses barbell to prevent swinging or sliding
  • Adds variety to workouts with new landmine moves
  • Easy to install and remove as needed
  • Use with plates to adjust landmine resistance
  • Versatile for use in home or commercial gyms
  • Hit arms, chest, shoulders, back, legs and core
  • Increases workout intensity and muscular endurance
  • Great addition to any home gym or commercial setting

Upgrade your workouts and add variety to your routine with our top-quality landmine cage attachment - try it out today. 

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