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Squat Wedges

Squat Wedges

Regular price $79.99 CAD
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Regular price $79.99 CAD
Regular price $99.99 CAD Sale price $79.99 CAD
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Introducing the ultimate squat wedge - the perfect accessory for any serious lifter!


  • Innovative design allows squatting with proper form and technique
  • Provides support and cushioning for knees
  • Made from durable, high-density rubber
  • Non-slip surface grips floor for balance
  • Lightweight and compact for portability
  • Enables lifting heavier weights comfortably
  • Reduces strain and discomfort on knees
  • Helps prevent injury and long-term joint damage
  • Boosts confidence for deeper, more controlled squats
  • Perfect for beginners learning proper technique
  • Also great for mobility warm-ups and stretching
  • One size fits most men and women
  • Grooved design provides stable footing
  • Improve leg strength across full range of motion
  • Get more from your squats and protect your knees

Don't let poor form or discomfort hold you back from reaching your fitness goals - upgrade your squat game with our crazy good squat wedges today!

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